Quick Start Guide for Drivers

Welcome to LogbookMe – The easiest logbook you will ever use!

This guide will take you through installing your device and using LogbookMe on your computer or portable device.

Please note if you are a driver who is accessing a pooled/shared fleet - please follow these instructions instead - Pool Car Logbook

  1. Installation

    Install the device into your vehicle's OBD Port. Most vehicles are plug and play and don’t require any special equipment to be installed.

  2. Logging In

    You should have received a ‘Welcome to LogbookMe’ email with your username and password. If you didn’t receive this you can retrieve your password by using the Forgot Password

    If your email or username doesn’t exist please contact support@logbookme.com.au.

  3. Website & Apps

    You can access your logbook either through our website or through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Your logbook is in real-time and the same up-to-date information is always shown however you access it.

    Website: https://manage.logbookme.com.au (or follow the login link from logbookme.com.au).

    Please refer to our Website User Guide for detailed instructions

    iOS App (iPhone & iPad): Search for ‘LogbookMe’ in the App Store or open this link on your device www.logbookme.com.au/ios

    Android: Search for ‘LogbookMe’ in the App Store or open this link on your device www.logbookme.com.au/android

    Windows: Search for ‘LogbookMe’ in the Windows Store or open this link on your device www.logbookme.com.au/windows

    Please refer to our App User Guide for detailed instructions

    For other phones and devices (Windows, Blackberry) you can still access the website (https://manage.logbookme.com.au) on your mobile web browser.

  4. Setup

    Once you first login to the website or app, you will be required to complete your setup information.

    The most important being your ‘Starting Odometer’, which you should have recorded when you installed your device.

    Check the other details in your profile and update if necessary. You can also change your password here.

  5. Logging Trips

    The LogbookMe device works in the background using motion sensors and GPS to log your trips.

    Once you’ve taken your first couple of trips, its important to check whether or not the trips being logged are accurate.

    If you feel that your trips are not being logged properly please take a look at our Tips & Troubleshooting page or contact support@logbookme.com.au for assistance.

  6. Classifying Trips

    Trips should appear on your dashboard within 5 minutes of the end of your journey.

    In special circumstances such as underground car parks where there is no cellular coverage there will be a delay in your trips appearing. But don’t worry all your trips are saved on the device and sent to your logbook once a signal is available again.

    Now simply select whether the trip was for ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’ use and add the purpose of the trip in the description field.

    Personal trips do not require a description and can be left blank.

  7. Export

    You can export a selection of ATO compliant reports including
    1. Business Use Percentage
    2. Work Related Car Expense Claim
    3. Employer Expense Claim

      You can also export the raw data in CSV format if you wish.

      Note: The export functions are only available through the website and not on the apps.

  8. Support

    There is a lot more information and tips here in our online help. Please see if your question has already been answered here.

    Otherwise for all support enquiries please contact support@logbookme.com.au

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